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Our Admin Staff

CEO- Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson


   CFO-Rebekah Stone                                          COO-Michelle Ballard

    Rebekah Stone                                     Michelle Ballard                                                                                                                     


IT Director- Emilio Balboa

HR Director- Stephanie Patton

IT Coordinator- Michael Vance

Facilities Manager- Thomas Stone

Our Board

Monroe HealthCenter

Board of Trustees 2016-17

Name                                   Office Held                      Committee Assignments

Rose Lasker                             Chair                            Executive Committee

Cathi Biggs                              Vice-chair                     Public Relations, Chairperson

                                                                                      Executive Committee

Melissa Boggs                          Secretary                       Finance Committee, Chairperson

                                                                                       Executive Committee

Jeff Pritt                                                                       Finance Committee

                                                                                     Facilities Committee, Chairperson

Janet Caulkins                                                              QI/QA Committee, Chairperson

                                                                                       Personnel Committee

Shirley Dixon                                                               Personnel Committee

Walter Marsden                                                           Finance Committee

                                                                                      Public Relations Committee

Justine Nall                                                                  QI/QA Committee

                                                                                     Governance Committee, Chairperson

Sheila Johnson

                                                                                      Strategic Planning Committee

                                                                                     Governance Committee

Debbie Snead                                                               QI/QA Committee

                                                                                      Public Relations Committee

Wayne Spangler                                                           Personnel Committee, Chairperson

                                                                                      Facilities Committee


Shelby Jennings                                                           Strategic Planning, Chairperson

Jeff Jones

Todd Sutton